Friday, June 26, 2009

The Cap-And-And-Tax Scam Vote is Today: Email Your Congresspeople Now

HR 2454, the "climate change" bill, which will cost each family thousands in increased gas, oil, and electric prices, steal millions of jobs, and hobble the United States economy, is up for a vote today. The Democrats are going to try to jam this down our throats, against our will. In personal conduct, this is called rape. Don't lie back; you won't enjoy it. Email your Congressman. List below:

Link to Congressional email list.

Fight back. The looters are in charge and the wallet they want, and the future they want, belongs to you.


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Wonker said...

As Luther already knows, the armtwisting has already defeated opponents of cap-and-trade in the House. Next stop is the Senate, which, hopefully, won't seat the evil Al Franken for a little while longer. The Senate is where this juggernaut can be stopped, or perhaps in the courts if the Repubs have enough guts to do what the 'Rats always do when a piece of legislation they don't like gets through one of their myriad procedural roadblocks.

It's an inconvenient truth that this nonsense has the potential of being the greatest scam ever invented. Even the Eurofreaks are rescinding their embrace of it.

I wonder sometimes if you really can fool all the people all the time. Henry Waxman et. al. certainly have every reason to think so.