Monday, June 15, 2009

Foreign “Speculators” Not Buying T-bills as Usual?

Foreign demand for long-term U.S. financial assets fell in April as both China and Japan trimmed their holdings of Treasury securities...Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner traveled to Beijing earlier this month to assure the Chinese government that the Obama administration is determined to get control of an exploding U.S. budget deficit, which is projected to hit a record $1.84 trillion this year....Foreign Demand for US Assets Falls in April, Martin Crutsinger, Yahoo Finance, 6/15/2009

Notice a contradiction? As the Treasury Secretary reassures the Chinese that the current administration is struggling to reduce the deficit, the deficit is being vastly increased by promised socialized medicine legislation and development of American energy resources is being profoundly suppressed by administrative fiat and Congressional action. Let's see. You're an investor. The customer you're considering is saying one thing and doing another. What next?

This small investor would look for another company.


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