Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cap and Trade: Dollars and Nonsense

Although PETA's poster girl (below) is more pleasant to look at, let's turn to a graphic that gets back to cap-and-trade, the impending socialist disaster that Luther's been writing eloquently about. Via today's Power Line, we've obtained a map which shows you just how much cap-and-trade will cost taxpayers in each state. Red colors the losers, while green, appropriately, indicates the winners which are, not surprisingly, the states that can never tax you enough.

In typical fashion, we see the true meaning here behind cap-and-trade. The right and left coast state politicians have already taxed their own citizens into oblivion. They now want to extract lots of income from flyover country since they can never have enough money to spend on "our" behalf.

Fellow citizens, you wanted "change." Well, you've got it, and "change" is about all you'll have left in your pockets when your agents of "change" are done. How about waking up and defeating this travesty income redistribution plan in the Senate?

Meanwhile, to critics, yeah, this map is put out by an organization with an axe to grind. Just like everything you put out. In this case, our guys are providing a welcome antidote to your baseless propaganda. Their companies will go out of business and along with them will go tens of thousands of jobs, most of 'em in flyover country. The "jobs" you allege that green technologies will create are largely conjectural. We thought those voters whose jobs will be lost in the meantime would like to know about this "inconvenient truth."

(BTW, click on the image for a larger map.)

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