Monday, June 15, 2009

Gitmo Bermuda Resettlement: Not Everyone Lies Back and Enjoys It

A high-level transatlantic row has broken out over the Obama administration's failure to consult Britain over the transfer of four Guantánamo Bay inmates to Bermuda...David Miliband has telephoned Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, to express the government's disappointment at the deal...British officials were informed the four Chinese Uighurs were heading to the United Kingdom's oldest dependency only as they boarded their plane for Bermuda on Wednesday night....Millibank Calls Clinton to Voice Anger Over Guantanamo Inmates Transfer to Bermuda, The Telegraph, 6/15/2009

Apparently, little niceties of change in American diplomacy only apply in Cairo. This was an extraordinarily arrogant act, but entirely in keeping with the current administration's disregard for law and diplomacy. England isn't just the hapless Harold Brown, who is unlikely to remain at No. 10 Downing much longer. England has been our ally for more than a century.


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