Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Absolute Moral Authority

Gee, we hate it when other bloggers come up with cool ideas before we do. Take, for example, "Hot Air," which occasionally examines politics by riffing on the Monopoly Community Chest card. Today, they've honored Senator Tom Harkin (Marxist-IA) for his smarmy smear of Rush Limbaugh thusly:

Yep, like so many Dems, Harkin is a liar and a smear artist to boot. These are the tools Dems use to win arguments, since they're incapable of using logic. And since, like all good Dems, they possess "absolute moral authority," just like that Prima Idiotarienne and noted author Mother Sheehan. So we'd better listen.

What's the brouhaha this time? Very simple. As we've seen recently in the "Nation" magazine scandal, wherein an actual soldier's anti-Iraq War fabulations were run posing as fact in order to smear the armed forces, there are any number of fake GIs pulling the same chain as well. You know, the "Fake but accurate" school of reportage. So Rush exposed the ruse and now is getting smeared for it by unscrupulous Dems, egged on by the Communist Front organization, "Media Matters." Which, of course, was really pissed that the phonies were caught.

But there's a problem here. Rush wasn't actually the first dude to expose these phony soldiers. It was, in fact, the sainted lefties at ABC news who somehow found enough reportorial honesty to expose the charlatans, according to the Jawa Report:

Where was Media Splatters and their ever-capable army of incompetent interns? Did they miss this? Brian Ross of ABC did a report on scam artists that scam the military and the public, and they mentioned Jesse Macbeth [the latest imposter] in particular. Media Splatters? Nowhere to be found:

Just days before Rush Limbaugh was attacked by a number of press outlets for discussing "phony soldiers" on the air, ABC's Brian Ross did a segment on "World News with Charles Gibson" dealing with "phony heroes...scam artists...posing as the war heroes they never were, claiming credit for acts of courage in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Marvelously, this story was aired on Monday, September 24, just three days before Limbaugh made his comments. And, as noted in a NewsBusters posting by the MRC's Brent Baker, the report even mentioned the same "phony soldier," Jesse Macbeth (pictured to the right), that Limbaugh did on his program Thursday.

SO WHERE WAS MEDIA SPLATTERS? Do the have a "full transcript" of the ABC report that they could snip-snip for maximum smear potential? Why didn't they take on Brian Ross with their trademark brand of "snip-snip-then-put-into-Keith-Olbermann's-teleprompter?"
Read the Jawa link for the rest. We wish the "Media Matters" professional liars and Harkin's fellow Democrat spinners in the Senate the best of luck. El Rushbo will dispatch them all with half of his brain tied behind his back. Pissing off Rush's Ditto-Heads will prove to be a great strategery for winning Congress and the White House in 2008. You can always count on the 'Rats for impressive and excessively hubristic plumage-displays.

BTW, Jawa has an extensive list of Community Chest cards highlighting even more Stalinist saints who, of course, possess "absolute moral authority." Link here to join the fun at the expense of the usual suspects.

So much for "absolute moral authority."

Meanwhile, to catch up with Hot Air, maybe we should start constructing a deck that contains Bill and Hillary "Get out of jail free" cards. A little PhotoShopping should do it.


Anonymous said...

See above on Harkin's tales of glory in the 'Nam

Dr. Rushmore

Wonker said...

Dear Doc,

Indeed. More "fake but accurate" material. Dems sure have an easy life.