Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rudy for President????

Seriously. I could get into this. Today's online version of the New York Observer has true-left Noo Yawkers waxing incredulous about Rudy's numbers among Republican voters. Let's quote some of the usual suspects:
It’s the middle of October and Rudy Giuliani is still leading the race for the Republican nomination. His old enemies in New York can’t understand it.

“It’s totally unbelievable,” said Charles Rangel, the dean of the New York Congressional delegation and a longtime adversary of Mr. Giuliani. “I refuse to believe that this could possibly happen to our country. I have too much confidence in our country to believe that this could really happen.”

Thank you, sir, may I have another?

For the first months of his candidacy for president, prominent progressives in New York mocked the notion that a pro-choice, immigration-friendly serial husband with a history of opposition to guns would have a shot at the Republican nomination.

But now, with Mr. Giuliani up nearly 10 percentage points in national polls and unexpectedly competitive in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, a mixture of nervousness and disbelief is running through the ranks of his old antagonists.

Gosh, how surprising is this? Could these same "progressives" (read "Stalinists") have had similar thoughts back in 1980 when a twice-married has-been doofus Grade B actor started pulling ahead of the World's Smartest Peanut Farmer? Who knew? Want more? Sure you do.
Norman Siegel, who served as the director of the New York Civil Liberties Union during Mr. Giuliani’s tenure as mayor, said, “I’ve been saying to people in New York, especially the liberal community that I’m proud to be part of, that unless the truth is revealed about the real Rudy, he could win, and not just the Republican nomination, but the presidency as well. Most people in New York look at me, and they say ‘no way.’ They say it can’t happen.
Sure it can. Why doesn't Siegel, former director of the "New York affiliate" of America's original Communist Front group, ask the ghost of the late and not very lamented "film critic" Pauline Kael who actually garnered her true 15 minutes of fame with her refusal to believe that Richard Nixon had won re-election in 1972 against yet another far-left defeatist Democrat, George McGovern; since nobody SHE knew had voted for him. Her Wikipedia entry, probably gussied up by a subtle leftie editorialist, claims this famously stupid quote is apocryphal. But if you know New York Democrats, you know better than that.

Concludes writer Jason Horowitz:
Mr. Giuliani’s detractors lament that his strong showing is a freakish anomaly caused by the overall weakness of the Republican field.
Yes it is, Jason, if you believe that Republicans are not as smart as you. It's probably never occurred to you that the average Republican today is so disgusted with the puerile Pelosi-Reid high school clique currently running what's left of the U.S. Congress, and so appalled at the MSM's anointing of the SMARTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD as our next President already, that they're figuring out how to win by thinking outside the box.

Ditto for Reagan Democrats, lost to the bumbling spendthrift Repubs in 2006, but ready to come back for almost any reason if Repubs can get their fiscal mojo back. This is called "backlash," remember? Dumb and dumber New York leftists believe they're intellectually superior to the average unemployed auto worker in Detroit. They're not.

Fortunately, commentators on the Observer site are pretty hip to Pauline Kael Syndrome. Let's take a random sample of their snappy remarks:
Mark Green and the other NYC Liberals are too blind to understand how much better Rudy made New York City. Democrats ruled NYC for 100 years leading it down a path of despair and decay. Rudy took NY from a Dem run cesspool and made it a decent place to live again. No he is not perfect. But any honest New Yorker cannot deny what he did .

NY Libs voted for Hillary. A carpet bagging, nasty little New Yorker wanna-be hey seed. Of course they hate Rudy. He's a REAL New Yorker who actually did something while in office!

Charlie Rangel, Mark Green, and Norman there's three fellows I'd really like to have running the show if there was another 9/11. The crybabies in NYC that weren't able to cash in on the tragedy of 9/11 and the greedy survivors always wanting more and never being satisfied...we, in the rest of the US, understand your pain and have deeply discounted it. Rudy has momentum and the chutzpah to carry it off. Get used to it. Rudy is the only one that can beat Hillary and the Republicans know this. He can look at Hillary square in the eyes and ask the hard, prosecutor-type questions that he used to ask the mob before putting them away. What is she going to ask about? His infidelity? That would be worth the price of admission to hear!

Anytime flaming liberals are nervous, then it must be good for America. Charles Rangle? Please. What is this horses as* done for NYS? And, not to mention what has Hillary done? Wait, she promosed 200,000 new jobs for Upstate. Ask the people of Rochester and Buffalo how that lie worked out.

NYC, one of the most liberal cities in the world, elected Rudy twice. That tells me that Dems understand that it takes a Republican to protect them from themselves.

An old cliche goes, "Consider the Source." If Charles Rangel is your harshest critic then you are doing things correctly.

NYC had become a joke before, Mr. Giuliani took over and reigned in the liberal stupidity, (redundancy?)

If the non-producing classes, (progressives, liberals and socio-fascists) are afraid of him, then he will be great for our country.

And finally, from flyover country in the Deep South:
As an active Republican in SC I have to say that opposition from the likes of Rangel and Green will INCREASE the support for Rudy here.

I have not yet decided who I am going to support but this article has given Rudy a boost. Anyone that can get so many stuckup Yankee liberals annoyed must have something going for him.


dave in boca said...

I have to laugh at Rangel's remarks concerning Rudy's marital woes. A good friend of mine is a senior staffer of CR's who told me a decade ago that Rangel, who is Pecksniffian in his sanctimony about Rudy's marriages, had FIVE ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN by five different mothers. Either CR has an understanding wife or he is a philanderer beyond the Billy Jeff plateau of constant inconstancy. And this clown has the cojones or huevos or stones to throw at Rudy for his marital situation? I wish we had a press that had the stones to point out the NY Observer's obsequious ass-kissing for what it is.

The senior staffer did say that Rangel keeps supporting the kids, but does not admit paternity.

What a class act!

Wonker said...

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the priceless commentary!

As we've said fairly frequently here, being a Democrat is never having to say you're sorry, so Good Time Charlie is simply walking the walk and talking the talk, like always.

Dem hypocrisy has been particularly breathtaking over at least the last decade, and this is no exception.

Bottom line here is, the Dems are actually deathly afraid of a Rudy candidacy. But the guy is gaining serious traction as it is starting to dawn on Repubs that he could actually win and take away the Democrats' toys. Even after their total and complete stupidity leading up to their electoral loss in 2006, Republicans, in the main (maybe not Larry Craig or Trent Lott) have still retained their capacity to think, which gives them an advantage over socialists like Rangel who only "feel" and pass this off as reason.

2008 will be interesting indeed.