Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wahoo About That!

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

Having whacked the Bronx Bombers outta post-season competition 3 games out of four, will the once hapless Cleveland Indians actually have the chance to win a World Serious? With the Yankees down (and Joe Torre presumably doomed), maybe Wonker will finally live to see the triumph of the Tribe who last won the Serious 2 months before he was born. (Now we're giving away some stats here.) Last time the team was so well-positioned, baseballers called a strike (1994) to deprive them of their chance, although they muffed later 1990s opportunities as well.

Apologies to our pal Luther, whom we suspect of harboring secret Yankee sympathies. Meanwhile, we must remind the Tribe, it ain't over 'til it's over.

(P.S.: Anybody taking bets on how long it will be for the usual sourpuss moonbats to start demonstrating against the Tribe's longtime mascot, Chief Wahoo? Let's give 'em a pre-emptive Tommy-hawk Chop.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Wonker Indian,

I am a New York fan twice disappointed, first by the flailing, elderly arms of the Mets (my favorite team), not to mention their do-nothing manager; then by Eli Manning, Payton's brother who has the same physique but apparently not the brain. As for the Yankees, they've been losing since they beat the Mets in 2000. We call it the Curse of Bobby Valentine.


Luther "Let's Go Mets"

Wonker said...

Luther, ol' pal,

Gosh, I didn't want to even involve the possibility of discussing the Mets, those ex-Amazin's who, ironically, got blasted out of contention by, of all teams, Wonker's CURRENT home team, the relatively hapless but improving Washington Nationals. Here were the Mets, in control of their destiny. But, for whatever reason, they booted it by not taking a bunch of young nearly cellar-dwellers seriously.

Look at it this way. At least both your teams have actually won the World Serious in your lifetime.

Wonk has yet to experience the joys of same. And Time's Winged Chariot is gaining on the Wonk!