Thursday, October 11, 2007

Giuliani for President?

As the few, the proud, the regular readers of HazZzMat are by now well aware, Wonker is about as conservative as a writer can get. That said, however, listen up. Here comes a modest proposal that might have you doing a double take.

Given the current Republican field of presidential candidates, I'd have to say that their main problem right now is getting anyone in the MSM to say anything positive about them. These media clowns are much more interested in promoting the Hillary Machine 24/7. Or—at least for a few who are not enthralled with the Smartest Woman in the History of the Universe—in touting the virtues of the least-experienced presidential candidate in recent memory, Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, we get the usual negative platitudes about the Republicans, when they're deemed worthy of any platitudes at all. Let's see. McCain is finished. (Which happened when he started talking reality re: the GWOT, alienating his heretofore enthralled MSM fans, who quickly moved on to Obama.)

Tancredo and Paul are fringies not worth covering as contenders but having a right to be heard, although Tancredo articulates many important points that others are afraid to face.

Romney and his Mormonism will continue to be targeted for extinction by the "unbiased" "know-nothing" MSM in spite of his excellent financing and thus far carefully engineered campaign.

Thompson will continue to get denigrated for being too old and too tired by the same clowns who accused Reagan of the same. (Warning to MSM: Don't wish too hard for something. You just might get it.) Oh, yeah, and there's his trophy wife for media twirps to diss.

Huckabee is quirky, lovable, but has no chance. (Veep, anyone?)

Rudy Giuliani? No way he can be the nominee. From marital follies to support for "abortion choice," his nomination would encourage conservatives to stay home on election day. He's just too liberal.

Oh, yeah?

This latter observation might be true for some conservative dead enders. But folks, listen up. And conservative true believers, remember. You don't need to be ideological hacks like your friends across the aisle. You wanna win in 2008? Consider this.

Giuliani is a former law and order prosecutor who actually turned impossible-to-govern New York City around from a corrupt, grafitti-encrusted, filth-strewn, hideous mess into an urban space where you might actually want to live if you could afford an apartment and a tax bill that's bigger than the average annual salary in flyover country. As a Republican, Rudy couldn't have survived in NYC without paying obeisance to a few liberal tics. And indeed, he may even harbor a few of those quirks in his system.

Ted Olson, in an interview excerpted on Hugh Hewitt's blog, has this to say about Giuilani:
Well, A) you can trust Rudy with Supreme Court nominees. He’s the person in America that I trust the most in connection with this. If someone wants to sit out the election because they’re not satisfied with some aspect of Rudy’s background or Rudy’s policy, then he might as well just vote for Hillary Clinton, because that’s what’s going to happen. I think it’s exceedingly important for Republicans and conservatives and moderates alike to take a deep breath, if there’s a high likelihood, as I think there may be, of an even greater Democratic control of both houses of Congress. A Democratic president is going to appoint Supreme Court justices, appellate court judges, and other federal judges, and increase taxes, and increase the federal spending, and doing lots of things that only a Republican president can prevent. And Rudy Giuliani, in my judgment, is the most qualified and the most electable Republican. And anybody on the conservative side that thinks they’re going to sit that out, they might as well contribute to the Democratic victory, and then take responsibility for what happens, because it will be their fault.
Make no mistake. The MSM, and, most of all, Billary, FEAR a Giuliani candidacy though they will never admit it. Why? It's simplicity itself. Like Reagan, Rudy actually has the potential to seriously rearrange the political deck chairs in 2008. Why?

Simple. The media, whether they're just plain lazy and stupid, or, less obviously, devious, have pre-written a standing script wherein if Rudy is the nominee, nobody in the Republican Party will vote for him, and Hillary will win in a landslide. This assumes, however, that not one single Democrat will cross the aisle to vote for Rudy. Or that Hillary, with compellingly strong negatives, will actually win the canonization nomination.

In point of fact, if Rudy runs, Democrats will cross the aisle in DROVES to vote for him, very possibly doing the impossible and tilting California into the Republican column. If not New York. And Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan to boot. Do you think that any blue collar Democrat in flyover country actually LIKES and ADMIRES Nancy Pelosi or Harry "We're Already Whipped" Reid? Are you kidding?

As with Ronald Reagan, who was able to rearrange the standard voting maps for entirely different reasons, there are tons of blue collar Democrats who will be positively THRILLED to have an alternative to Billary, an effective pol that they can seriously relate to, one of the great heroes of 9/11. In spite of his liberal artifacts, he's a Republican at heart when it comes to legal and fiscal issues, the neglect of which caused the Republican whipping in 2006 and NOT IRAQ as the media successfully spun it. Giuiliani will kick Democrat ass and nominate strict constructionists to the Supreme and appallate courts, guaranteed.

In short, he'll redraw the maps like Reagan and send Democrat politicians of the leftist stripe scurrying for the exits. Although he might not win with the Republican coalition that's been in place since Nixon invented it, he can most assuredly win because his candidacy allows an enormous amount of voters, disgusted with their traditional parties, to stick their party leaders in the eye. He can create a NEW Republican coalition. Neither the Democrats nor the MSM can see this because they simply assume that all Republicans and would-be Republicans are as stupid and inflexible as they. Since they are not examining this possibility, they may be in for a well-deserved surprise.

Do not for a moment discount this possibility. You won't see it reported, again, because the media and the Democrats, are incapable of seeing the potential destruction that could be wrought on America's socialist party by Rudy Giluiani.

But Hillary does. Which is why you'll see her supporters attack Giuliani with all the considerable vehemence their propagandists and attack thugs can muster, particularly as primary season approaches.

Think Rudy. Think the Democrats' worst nightmare. Think new coalitions of the willing. You heard it here first.

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