Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Felon For Hillary

Sant S. Chatwal, an Indian American businessman, has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaigns, even as he battled governments on two continents to escape bankruptcy and millions of dollars in tax liens...Chatwal is one of a growing number of fundraisers in the 2008 presidential campaign whose backgrounds have prompted questions...Chatwal, a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, raised money for their campaigns and causes even as he faced legal and financial difficulties...The IRS pursued him for approximately $4 million in unpaid business taxes, while New York state placed a lien seeking more than $5 million in taxes...Across the ocean, three Indian banks forced him into U.S. bankruptcy, and he was charged with bank fraud. He was out on bond when he showed up in India in 2001 during a visit by his longtime friend Bill Clinton...Yet none of the legal and financial woes...raised red flags inside Hillary Clinton's fundraising operation...Asked whether anything in Chatwal's background caused concerns about his activities on behalf of the campaign, Clinton spokesman Phil Singer answered, "No." He declined last week to be more specific, saying only that major fundraisers are routinely vetted "through publicly available records."...WHen Controversy Follows Cash, John Solomon & Matthew Mosk, 9/3/2007

Perhaps Singer was talking about documents in the Clinton Presidential Library!

For years, the writer has described Hillary Clinton as the Democrat version of Richard Nixon. That's not entirely unsympathetic. Many of Nixon's questionable alliances stemmed directly from his being regarded as an outsider. However, a former First Lady and current United States Senator would hardly seem to fit into that category. Maybe she just likes to see her fundraisers safely behind bars where they can no longer do her any harm.


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