Friday, October 12, 2007

The Fiction of "Fairness" Doctrines

Media Matters used the same tactics against Limbaugh to get Don Imus fired last April. But unlike the Imus case, it had no facts to back its claim against Limbaugh, so its bid for buzz fizzled this time...Having failed with the public, the group may be moving on to Congress. Its Web screeds against Limbaugh have already influenced 41 senators to condemn him to his sponsors in an Oct. 2 letter. Now the American Spectator quotes an anonymous congressional source as saying House Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman intends to monitor right-wing commentators...The Plan to Rein in Free Speech, Investors Business Daily, Editorial, 10/11/2007

Oh, and incidentally, Hillary Clinton was one of the founders of Media Matters. A major funding source for Media Matters is, funded by America-hating George Soros.

If Americans remember what country they're citizens in, it's hard to imagine they would support a Presidential candidate who "stood for" such patent nonsense as a "fairness" doctrine whose major effect the forty years it was in effect was to silence most political discussion over the air.


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