Thursday, October 04, 2007

US Department of Justice on "Network Neutrality"

Net neutrality means government regulation of the Internet, specifically a prohibition of differential charges for priority traffic. The Department of Justice thinks this is a bad idea, and would harm the development of the Internet..."Free market competition, unfettered by unnecessary governmental regulatory restraints, is the best way to foster innovation and development of the Internet," says the DoJ filing..."Free market competition drives scarce resources to their fullest and most efficient use, spurring businesses to invest in and sell as efficiently as possible the kinds and quality of goods and services that consumers desire. Past experience has demonstrated that, absent actual market failure, the operation of a free market is a far superior alternative to regulatory restraints."...Remember, this is the United States Department of Justice speaking, not the Milton Friedman Foundation or the economics department at the University of Chicago. The DoJ sees the Internet developing just fine without a new regulatory regime advertising itself as neutrality..."It appears that the Internet is flourishing without the proposed sectoral regulation," explains the DoJ filing....Justice for the Internet, K. Lloyd Billingsley, TCSDaily, 10/4/2007
Don't expect a friend for the Internet like that in the Clinton II administration. Don't expect to hear the story on a major network either.

It is worth noting that "network neutrality" was supported by every Democrat candidate for President.


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