Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adding Breitbart Sites to Good Guys

I've been doing some much-needed surgery to our list of Good Guys and Enemies in our column to the left. One or two former Good Guys have been deleted due either to their sites folding, their mission changing, etc. Haven't added any Enemies lately although I need to attend to that one as well, since the legion of bad guys has grown exponentially since last year's national elections.

A major addition to the Good Fellows today is Andrew Breitbart. I'm listing his main site, which has mainly become a news aggregation list a la Drudge (featuring links that will make real Americans feel better in these dark days). I'm also adding two newer sites, linked to the main one, that provide up-to-the-minute news on "Big Government" and "Big Hollywood" and the political scandals therein. Even newer, "Breitbart TV," also goes on the list since, with MSNBC vs. Fox for example, the political battle is if anything more lively now on the cable channels than it is in the currently moribund newspaper world. Breitbart TV, however, covers other stuff tailor-made for video addicts. (Like me, with the recent addition of a swell new Samsung HDTV to my audio setup along with Verizon FiOS which works great, at least for moi.)

My reasons for the additions? Simple. Although denounced as an "amateur" journalist by the MSMers, Breitbart--once an associate of Matt Drudge--has actually been breaking major stories, including, most recently, the ongoing ACORN scandal. (Seemingly reliable bio here.) He's in possession of an apparently endless series of videos exposing these miscreants who use their tax-free status to support far-left political causes and help win elections by stuffing ballot boxes for left-certified candidates. He plans to release them slowly, in-series, to counter a frenzied (and lame) defense that's being mounted by ACORN and its Marxist supporters.

Breitbart, with the Government and Hollywood as his main beats, is actually reporting the news you should be getting in your ever-shrinking liberal daily rag. (With the exception of the always reliable Washington Times, BTW, where I work on the side as their music critic.)

So welcome to Breitbart, Big Hollywood, and Big Government. They'll be reliably providing you with Thanksgiving Turkeys today, tomorrow, and hopefully for years to come.

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