Sunday, November 01, 2009

UN Treaties and the US Constitution: Don't Believe the Propaganda

The President of the United States has no more legal right to sign a treaty that turns legislative, executive, and judicial functions of our national government over to the United Nations than he has to declare the United States an Islamic Republic and its people henceforward subject to Sharia. Nevertheless, that would be the effect of the proposed United Nations Climate Change Treaty awaiting Mr. Obama's signature in Copenhagen this coming December...The proposed treaty authorizes the establishment of a "government" to transfer wealth from industrial nations to non-industrial nations in payment of a "climate debt" which, the treaty declares, the industrial nations owe on account of burning carbon-based fuels. The newly created international government is to have the authority to decide issues relating to carbon emissions in signatory nations, the power to levy what amounts to carbon taxes on signatory nations, and the power to enforce its levies without reference to the will of the people who live in the signatory nations....Power Derives from Lawful Authority, American Thinker, November 1, 2009

Get that? An unelected government presumes the right to supersede the U.S. constitution and our President, under oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, has said he intends to sign the treaty that would establish a constitutionally unlawful, unelected government.

The Senate approves treaties within the limits of the Constitution. You know how to write, communicate with, and vote for or against. Don't let propaganda convince you that your rights and responsibilities as an American can be stolen by a government that thinks Hugo Chavez is a good model for America.


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