Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virginia Trifecta Plus the Jersey Joust

Headed for bed right now, but stayed up late enough to savor a Republican hat trick in Virginia and the probability of a Republican Governor-elect in the corrupt Democrat fiefdom of New Jersey. There's a little trouble right now caused by the Republicans themselves in New York's 23rd Congressional district--the Repub establishment backed a soft leftie candidate until it was probably too late. Luther will probably update us on this.

But for right now, I'll enjoy the Virginia trifecta--blowout wins for Republicans in the races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. No Dem even came close. All three wins were genuine landslides.

The pundits will talk about trends, lack of Obama coattails, etc. But it's pretty much all horseshit in the. They don't have a clue, as usual, and just like hearing themselves opine.

So here's the real scoop:

Each of the Dems' top Virginia were lousy candidates who ran lousy campaigns. Furthermore, each took negative campaigning to a level of badness and ineptitude equaled only by cult movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space--a film you watch because it's so unbelievably bad you can't believe you're watching it.

Never once was I able to glean from the Democrats' Virginia campaign ads a single shred of information as to what any of the candidates stood for. Every single TV ad simply spent its allocated minute or so slandering the Republican opposition. Not one of the three statewide Dem candidates ever advanced a single idea for governing in his or her TV ads. It was as if we were having another "anyone but Bush" campaign, except that no one bothered to tell the Dems that Bush was already gone and they'd need to run on something else.

So, hurray for the good guys. The better candidates actually won.

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