Sunday, November 22, 2009

More on "Global Warming" Hoax from Down Under

Leave it to the Aussies to chime in with more good stuff on this bogus topic:

Hat tip to Tigerhawk for the linked YouTube video. Tiger notes:
No news on the sources of funding. Regardless, these ads will irritate all the right people.
Well, true. But then again, when have you ever seen the left's funding sources for its propaganda detailed? This info is kept hidden for good reason--they often fund their activities via illegal political subsidiaries of nonprofit organization. More on this in a later post.

Tiger concludes:
Of course, all of the disaster scenarios that justify massive regulation of greenhouse gas depend from the various climate models. If the models do not work in the short run, is there so much as a shred of evidence that they are accurately predicting the climate decades from now?
To the larger issue, once again: the hard left is warping science (and covering up its tracks) to conceal the fact that their shell games are at all times geared toward gaining ever more control over the lives of the unwashed masses. Who are we to question them?

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