Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enemies to the Left of Us!

More specifically, in the left column of our blog. In addition to links to our most recent posts, we've long carried link lists of Enemies and pals, aka Good Guys.

I've recently checked these links disposing of those that no longer work. Meanwhile, I've added to and updated our Good Guys list and am doing the same with our Enemies, who, in point of fact, aren't actually enemies since they probably don't care if I exist. I list 'em only so you can see the kind of slugs we oppose in action whenever you wish. I'm assuming you are all too intelligent to fall for their propaganda.

In late-breaking aesthetic news, I've changed the color scheme of our verbiage a bit, just to spruce things up and dust off the cobwebs. Since we're essentially into the rarified (and under-covered) realm of cultural and sociopolitical criticism here, there's no point in making this blog's appearance busy, fussy, and distracting or loading it with ads whose throbbing Flash attachments and thundering Shockwaves spill out over the page, cover the text, and generally piss people off.

(PS: for those not yet born when the Trickster was in the White House, a hat tip to Dick and other long-departed Nixonians for the useful "Enemies List" concept. Ironically, the Clintonistas and the Obamanationals have been far more skilled at smashing their own Enemies than Tricky Dick ever was, despite the MSM opprobrium that's been continually heaped on the only president who's ever resigned from office.)

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