Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Leftist Language Primer: Part I

I've been holding back on a series of posts because, frankly, it's been too difficult for me to contextualize the action. Problem? The original, original reason for the founding of HazZzmat a few seasons back: language. Or more specifically, the deceptive language arts developed by the propagandists on the left.

An understanding of leftist terminology is crucial to revealing how the manipulation of the general public has gradually occurred. So I'm going to do a short series of posts right now to establish at least some basic terminology and ground rules so that you can read my successive posts and understand that, rumors to the contrary, I'm not some kind of crank.

What I'm going to describe here are several words, terms, and phrases that are casually bandied about today by design. They've been created--or perverted--by the left and pushed into daily language usage to the point where they're no longer questioned. Well, I'm going to question them. Let's move on.

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