Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Goracle Opines on Capitalism

Dateline: November 26, 2009.

Kinda funny when the Goracle shows up in London's Financial Times with a sermon essentially favoring the long term goals of socialism over the allegedly short term goals of capitalism. By inference, socialism leads to a more responsible stewardship of the planet, which, of course is defined by Gore as ending "global warming," a thesis that's now been exploded by the East Anglia data scandal we've chronicled here.

Money sentence:
We must exercise our voting rights, work with global regulators to improve shareholder rights and responsibilities, and more aggressively hold company boards to the highest standards of governance and ethics.
There he goes again. Note the one-world reference to "global regulators." The "global warming" scam is just another step toward the hard left's goal of a New World Order based on socialism and state control. And Gore is all for it.

FYI, Gore's co-author here, David Blood, probably wrote the whole piece. Along with Gore, he leads an LLC called "Generation Management." It's obviously an investment company built on supporting "sustainable technologies" and such. It's a known fact that Gore has already made large investments in companies and areas that will benefit by the kind of cap and tax legislation he's championing. Thus, this whole piece is an elaborate, self-serving commercial for the Goracle's personal money machine.

How DARE he!

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