Friday, November 06, 2009

Another Peaceful Muslim Commits Mass Murder

The brave soldiers who were massacred at Fort Hood had trained to fight the jihadist enemy abroad. But they seem to have ended up being murdered by the same enemy on American soil, in a place where they thought they were safe — murdered, apparently, because a series of military and medical officials recognized what was going on with this major and chose to do nothing about it...Fort Hood Massacre: A Day of Courage and Cowardice, Pajamas Media, 11/6/2009

There are times when the governing authorities seem more like the mincing courtiers serving Louis XVI, France's king before the revolution of 1789, than the representatives of democracies. They prance about their respective courts, whether in Brussels, Washington, or the Pentagon, pronouncing upon this and that as if what they can can see through stained glass, velvet curtains and silk has any resemblance to the real world. Of course, they represent no democracies at all, but the modern equivalent of Louis XVI, the unelected bureaucracy, lushly comforted by his or her entitlements. Such people, as Louis XVI found out, are not competent for anything except defending their own asses. Oaths, professional, moral, and constitutional, mean nothing to such people. All that matters is the pronouncement of superiority. In this case, that pronouncement disavows any connection with Islamic fascism and Fort Hood.

As Bawer, a very sharp commentator on Islamic fascism, reminds us who should not have to be reminded, this is another radical Muslim committing mass murder on Americans. The pity is that the killer isn't dead. Expect CNN to depict him as the victim, though. It's a thing with CNN to find victimhood in any villain. Let them prance in their veiled court as much as they want. We know the truth, don't we?



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