Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climategate: Washington and the Rule of Lies

Barack Obama promised us not only transparency, but also a new respect for science. In soothing tones, he asserted that his administration was “restoring scientific integrity to government decision-making.”...In our new Enlightenment of Ivy League Guardians, we were to return to the rule of reason and logic. Obama would lead us away from the superstitious world of Bush’s evangelical Christianity, “intelligent design,” and Neanderthal moral opposition to human-embryo stem-cell research...
Instead, we are seeing an unprecedented distortion of science — indeed, an attack on the inductive method itself. Facts and reason are trumped by Chicago-style politics, politically correct dogma, and postmodern relativism....The New War Against Reason, Victor Davis Hanson, National Review, 11/25/2009

The writer has talked to many people about Climategate, and about the astonishing refusal of the President and his Congressional majorities to even acknowledge that their legislative program on climate is based on criminally falsified data and an ideological campaign to discredit reports based on real data through criminal collusion with journal editors and openly slanderous attacks on researchers with different results. One suspects that citizens of Russia and Germany felt much the same way when reports began to come down the grapevine about the preposterously criminal leadership they were cheering in downtown Moscow and Berlin. It is hard to believe that the national leadership of a great society can pursue irrational objectives, making every effort to drive an agenda so out of touch with reality as to endanger the survival of the nation they purport to preserve, protect and defend.

But in every initiative this Administration and Congress have pursued in the last eleven months, they have done precisely that. In the face of staggering foreign debt, they have tripled the federal annual debt. In the face of urgent needs and requests from the battlefield, they have juggled, bobbled, bumbled and fumbled for six months. In the face of massive likely resistance from the largest organized lobby in the United States, they have demanded that an unwanted national health care initiative be paid for by cutting health care expenditures for seniors by almost five hundred billion dollars. In the face of two million demonstrators in Washington, expressing their opinions about the Administration and Congress's irrational fiscal policies, they pretended, like Louis the XVI, that those millions didn't exist. Confronted by evidence of baldfaced lies and falsified reports about jobs "created and saved" with the so-called Stimulus, which has vastly increased the federal deficit, they have demanded another Stimulus package. Thundering about resetting foreign policy, the President has acted like a jackass with our major creditors, betrayed a dozen allies in Europe on behalf of a gangster leadership in the Kremlin, and given credence to thugs like Hugo Chavez. Knowing full well that arms for Mexican drug gangs come from Central American and South American militaries, and from guerrilla movements, the administration uses the presence of heavily armed narco armies in Mexico as an excuse to attack Second Amendment rights of Americans.

Like the Bolsheviks, this administration's allies and ideological initiatives suggest only one thing: that we are at present governed by a criminal conspiracy. 2010 is a month away, Congressional elections eleven months later. We know what has to be done.


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