Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture the "Global Warming" Scandal

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez did:

Hat tip to Power Line.

You gotta love this. The "global warming" fanatics, the academic Sultans of Smug, are under the kind of withering crossfire now that they've sought to avoid for a generation by tenuring in only those who fervently subscribe to their own socialist, statist view which is really what all of this weird science is about. What is going to be even more amusing than this scandal itself is the tap dancing we'll see from the slimy politicians who bought into this hoax hook, line, and sinker. (Except the Goracle, who is too loaded with hubris and thickheadedness ever to admit he was wrong.)

Scary thing--none of these clowns, professorial or political, has any history whatever of being deterred by the truth. Wanna bet we see the Democrat-led Congress pushing their cap and tax legislation anyway?

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