Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Other Election Night News and Speculation

First of all, a hat tip to Luther for pointing out that the establishment Republican candidate endorsed--gasp--the Democrat after she dropped out of the Northern New York race. Some loyal Republican. Guess that proves the point being made by the conservative grass roots that drove her out of the election. Of course, these conservatives are all hate-filled fanatics. Unlike the mild-mannered Marxist Kos Kids who are currently running America's Socialist party.

I have been hearing the government-controlled media* bitching about the conservatives all week. Among the comments, the punditocracy is solemnly lamenting that the Republicans are really in trouble right now because they're abandoning "the big tent," which is the only way they're going to win elections, post-Obama. Or so say the media. This latest kerfuffle in New York apparently proves their point, in spite of the fact that the vilified conservative is likely to win.
*(Note: While we're giving Rush credit for stuff, we might as well give him credit as well for coming up with the term "government-controlled media" to describe what heretofore most bloggers have dubbed the "mainstream media" or MSM. It's been clear for some time to nearly any sentient being that the MSM is completely in the tank for Barack "The One" Obama. Rush merely takes the next step, describing the MSM accurately as the left-wing stooges they've become. Term wouldn't have worked under Bush, obviously, but it works brilliantly here. And the "government-controlled media" have absolutely no defense against the terminology.)

I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio this afternoon describing the same "big tent" mantra. He wondered aloud whether this "big tent" the Democrats all want Republicans to have is similar to the "big tent" the Democrats have in their party. You know, the one that happily accommodates conservatives, pro-lifers, capitalists, patriots, meat eaters, SUV-lovers, and those who believe that both government and individuals should live according to their means and not beyond them.

Heh. Exactly.

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