Saturday, November 28, 2009

Impeach "ACORN" Eric Holder

Got your attention?

Hope so. The current Attorney General's step-by-step assault on traditional American values, mores, laws, and freedom's really shifted into high gear this week. Exhibit A: his poorly-reasoned free pass for ACORN that effectively turns their taxpayer-funded spigot back on even after Congress explicitly defunded it.

Holder has neared or perhaps already crossed the Rubicon on a number of key issues. Let's go over them briefly in case you forgot:
  • He's announced his intention (recently severely downplayed) to investigate the CIA and other interrogators with criminal acts with regard to the severe questioning of various and sundry Al Qaeda thugs and mass-murderers. Just who in Hades is the enemy here? This, no doubt, will encourage CIA agents to take big risks for their country in the future.
  • Meanwhile, he declined to prosecute Black Panther thugs who violently intimidated Philadelphia voters going to the polls in the last election. (If Republicans had done this, they'd already be on Death Row.)
  • Returning to the Clinton administration's disastrous mantra that terrorism is a "legal issue" and not an act of war (in spite of 9/11 which even most card-carrying liberals will acknowledge was an act of war) he has chosen to try the despicable Sheikh Mohammed not only as a civil defendent in an American court of law, but with all the privileges accorded to a US citizen. And he's proposing to conduct this farce where? Right in New York City in a court house mere blocks from The Hole--all that remains of the World Trade Center. Even many bleeding-heart Manhattan elites are aghast at the sheer effrontery and insensitivity of this decision. We're more amazed at its indefensible alleged legality. A good, succinct overview of the issue here. New York denizen and pal Luther gives his take on it here.
  • Just last week, as mentioned above and while no one was watching, Holder and his Justice Department directly circumvented a recent act of Congress that explicitly de-funded the criminal enterprise collectively known as ACORN. He says it's okay now to give them their money. Not a whimper from the MSM on this wave-of-the-hand reversal. Such a surprise.
In this most recent outrage, by employing typical Washingtonspeak and legal language tap dancing, Holder & Co. have indicated that they regard the Congressional act vs. ACORN as a "bill of attainder" expressly prohibited by the Constitution. For those who haven't read the Constitution, a bill of attainder is effectively a law passed after the fact to punish a person or entity for past allegations/offenses that weren't specifically prohibited before the new law in question was passed.

Thus, Holder & Crew allege that the US needs to pay ACORN for any contracts, expired or ongoing, that were in force BEFORE Congress passed the law. This was probably not Congress' intent, although in a Democrat-led Congress, I wouldn't put it past the leadership to have constructed a linguistic trap door in the legislation that Holder could use to pull this little trick off.

The bill of attainder language in the Constitution is actually a very, very good thing. Otherwise, nearly any crank could go back in history and harass or punish an opponent for a current legal activity by passing a law against it and applying it retroactively. But in this case, Holder is creatively and selectively re-writing the intent of the Constitution. What ACORN perpetrated in the 2008 elections was a criminal activity even before the Congressional prohibition was passed.

When a defense contractor runs legally afoul of a DoD customer, as does happen from time to time, the customer has every right not only to immediately terminate the relevant current contract but to prohibit said contractor from competing for similar business for a lengthy period afterward. The contractor may also be subject to considerable fines in the meantime. I've seen this happen. What makes ACORN subject to special treatment in this regard?

ACORN has a clear history of abusing its charter not to mention its non-profit status. Its behavior in the 2008 general elections demonstrates that the organization clearly functioned as an organ of the Democrat Party, violating the terms of its nonprofit charter by definition. Going further, it's also clear that many if not most of its local offices have casually engaged in voter fraud amounting to outright racketeering, punishable under the RICO statutes. Some even blame ACORN's massive voter fraud for throwing the election to Obama in 2008. I don't happen to buy this theory--Obama's win was too lopsided. (I do think one, maybe two states were effectively "stolen" by the fraud, but this still wasn't enough to make up McCain's electoral deficit.)

The only reason ACORN hasn't been prosecuted for voter fraud on a national level is that the party they cheated for, at taxpayer-funded expense no less, entirely controls both the Executive and Legislative branches. The Dems are unlikely to allow such a valuable (if questionable) ally to get whacked by the legal system it's systematically violated, particularly since ACORN's well-documented, well-executed criminal activities are so helpful in fulfilling the Democrats' insatiable lust for absolute power over the lives of all Americans.

Clearly, ACORN's nonprofit status must clearly, the stated legal remedy for its illegal political activities in violation of its nonprofit charter. But Holder and the Dems won't let this happen either. That might open a Pandora's Box of like charges against "nonprofit" organizations like Greenpeace, PETA, the Sierra Club, and numerous others that have created clever subterfuges and sub-organizations that illegally direct money to America's Socialist Party.

The outrageous, anti-American decisions consistently being handed down by Holder's Injustice Department have gone beyond scandalous at this point. They are clearly damaging. And I think that on several levels, they're illegal, particularly in the four instances cited above. While at least one brave member of Congress is raising his voice against these Constitutional abuses, I'm surprised others haven't joined him. (Although Holder did have the political savvy to let the ACORN cat out of the bag over the Thanksgiving holidays when people were least likely to pay attention.)

The press will try to give Holder a pass on this. Ergo, we ourselves need to start focusing attention on the miserable state of this current renegade Justice Department. Meanwhile, it's time for Repubs to show a little guts and start finding ways to bring the legal system to bear on this Attorney General, clearly the best friend American socialists have had in the Justice Department in decades. If Holder hasn't committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" quite yet, he's getting awfully close. We'll be watching. We encourage you to do so as well. Otherwise, our Constitution will continue to be slowly  eviscerated clause by clause until nothing is left.

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