Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York Al Qaeda Trials: A New Yorker Comments

We all know about the Attorney General's decision to hold civilian trials for those responsible for planning the worst terrorist attack there's ever been. This is one New Yorker's response.

The presence of these monsters in our city has aroused enormous distress. We know what Muslim terrorists do when their members are in civilian trials. Those in the courtroom grandstand about their bizarre interpretation of Islam. Those on the outside plot to murder bystanders, court officers, the law itself. What the Administration is doing is aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States. In the constitution, that's called treason.

President Obama and his lackey apparently believe that it's reason, but nobody's fooled. This is their chance to hold a "Truth Commission" on the Bush Administration and the prosecution of a war that was started by Muslim terror bombers murdering three thousand Americans. It is clear on whose side President Obama and his Administration stand. And New Yorkers wonder, at least those not half-asleep over a copy of the latest Times report on Navy Seals slapping around a mass-murdering suspect, how long the rest of America is going to stand for Congressional majorities and an Administration which stands, on principle, against our country.


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