Friday, November 27, 2009

Al Gore: Great Intellect of Our Time?

What I'm about to put out here is very old news--for anyone who was paying attention in Y2K. But I'm raising the issue for a reason.

Former Veep Al Gore--you know, the tiresome pedant and "global warming expert" who's trying to get us all taxed into oblivion for the sake of what's now being unmasked as a scientific hoax--that Al Gore is far from being the towering intellectual everyone claims him to be.

One of the raps on George W. Bush, who ran successfully against Gore in 2000, was that he was, well, just plain dumb and had terrible grades in college. The press pretty much propagated this myth. But astoundingly, the Washington Post, of all places, managed to get the college transcripts Gore would never release. The Posties published an article on this and demonstrated with facts and figures that Gore was a marginal, indifferent student at best and one who never quite managed to finish his law degree at Vanderbilt, or his divinity degree for that matter which is kinda funny when you think of all the reverence that's accorded to him now.

The article, by David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima, allows that Gore may have copped better SAT scores than W. But in the end, it's grades, not SATs that count, and Gore's transcripts were dismal, particularly in, gasp, science. More recently, Noel Sheppard elaborated on the Post article here, emphasizing Gore's D in natural science. Bush actually comes out slightly better than the Goracle over all. Surprise. More piling on from Larry Elder here.

Bottom line: Bush was no Rhodes Scholar. Yet he looks better on paper than the allegedly smarter Gore. But even though this piece ran in a reliably liberal paper and was thus unassailable, the MSM never really picked up on Gore's thickheadedness during the 2000 election. I wonder why.

I'm bringing this back up at this time because I want to make sure our readers and anyone who links here can see in black and white that the patron saint of "global warming" has absolutely no scientific credibility as an alleged authority on the issue. Lacking a legal degree, he has "no controlling legal authority" either. And having failed also to score a divinity degree, looks like his high priestly mantle is suspect as well.

As the ongoing "global warming" hoax unfolds, I wonder if we'll be connecting more of the dots back to this dour, hectoring, truly despicable individual who's become, for me at least, the poster child for the sneering condescension that's the hallmark of wealthy, elite leftists who think they have a right to control our lives even if it takes outright fraud to do it.

PS: Guess who was worse than Bush and dumber than Gore? Right you are, another Bush opponent, the gravitas-laden John Kerry. Fun facts here and here. Gore and Kerry. Dumb and dumber.

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